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Your guide to sushi recipes and sushi making.

Your Guide To Sushi Recipes and Sushi Making

Welcome to - one of the best sources of sushi recipes and sushi making how to guides. All of the information on is available to you at no cost. We opened this website to offer people a single location to learn about how to make sushi.  We also have a store that has a large selection of sushi making supplies.

What is Sushi?

Sushi, is a term that has evolved to mean vinegared rice, usually topped with vegetables, fish, various meats, and other ingredients. There are several different types of "sushi".

Types of Sushi

Those types of modern sushi are:

Common Sushi Recipes

We also have some of the most common sushi recipes available for you to browse through in our Sushi Recipes section.

Sushi Utensils, Tools and Supplies

If you are looking for sushi making supplies, we provide links to some recommended places to get sushi supplies in our Sushi Supplies section.  You can also visit our Store.

Sushi Terminology

We have a Sushi Terminology section that can answer a lot of questions about the terminology used in sushi making.