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How to Make Chirashi Sushi

Chirashi Sushi

Chirashi sushi is extremely easy to make. In its simplest form, chirashi sushi is simply ingredients that are cut up and scattered over a bowl of rice. Chirashi style sushi can be very intricately arranged to provide stunning presentations. As with the rest of sushi, its simplicity is what makes it special.

Cutting the Fish, Meat, Vegetables and Other Ingredients

Chirashi sushi allows you to have endless variations on how you cut, prepare and place your ingredients. As a general guideline, I would advise that you keep your cuts of fish and meat at or less than 1/4" by 2". This is the average size cut of sushi, and anything thicker or larger than that could turn into several bites. If you want to cut your fish like nigiri is cut, remember to cut across the lines in the fish for the best visual presentation.  Also remember that a sushi knife would work best at cutting the fish, meat and other vegetables because presentation is key.

Remember, when making Chirashi style sushi, that the presentation is an important part of the process.