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How to Make Sashimi


Sashimi is the easiest form of sushi to make. Sashimi is an ingredient cut in a manner meant for presentation without any rice or anything else for that matter. The most common type of sashimi is fish, but there are other things that can be served sashimi style. Other seafood can be served sashimi style, as well as meats and eggs.


Depending on what ingredient you are using, there can be little to no preparation needed. If anything is needed, it is usually just cutting off the unwanted areas of the fish or meat, like the bloodline or fatty areas.

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Cutting the Sashimi

When cutting your ingredient, presentation wise, it is best to cut it across the grain. In fish, this is usually very easy to see. Your pieces should usually be about 1/4" - 1/2" thick and generally, the size of the piece you are cutting from. Generally, I wouldn't recommend cutting a piece that is longer than 3" or wider than 1". Sashimi is meant to be bite sized, there is no need to cut huge chunks. As you would expect, a sashimi kinfe works best at cutting sashimi.  We have a large selection of sushi knives available in our Store.  Enjoy!