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Your guide to sushi recipes and sushi making.

How to Make Sushi

The first thing that is important in leanring how to make sushi is knowing which kind of sushi you want to make.  There are several different kinds of sushi, but the most common form is Maki; which is the rolled form of sushi that most people think of when they refer to sushi.  Making sushi is very easy and can be done at home with very few utensils and supplies.  Homemade sushi can also be much less expensive than going to a sushi bar, and you get to control how much and of what ingredients you want your sushi to have when you make your own sushi.  Sushi making is a skill that takes time to master, but over time, making sushi becomes easier and easier.

Types of Sushi

Below is a list of the types of sushi that can be made and how to make sushi:

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Making sushi can be a fun and entertaining thing to learn. Making sushi at home allows you to entertain friends and family while allowing them to get a better understanding of what goes into making sushi. If you want to learn how to make your own sushi, the links above should be a great starting guide for making sushi. We also have many different sushi recipes that you are encouraged to browse through. We also have our Store which has a selection of sushi making supplies.

Sushi Rice Recipes

You will need to have rice when you are learning how to make sushi properly , do you have a Sushi Rice Recipe?

Sushi Tools, Utensils and Supplies

Do you have the neccessary tools and other supplies to make the type of sushi that you are interested in making? Take a look at our Sushi Supplies section to make sure that you have the essentials when learning how to make sushi.

Sushi Recipes

Do you have a recipe for the type of sushi you would like to make? Visit our Sushi Recipes section and browse through the many different recipes we have.  Many of them are very simple recipes, even for those just learning how to make sushi.

Sushi Ingredients

Do you know where to get your ingredients? One of the hardest things about making sushi is finding the right ingredients. You can't just eat any kind of raw fish. Visit our Sushi Ingredients section for links to recommended places to get your sushi ingredients.