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Your guide to sushi recipes and sushi making.

Sushi Ingredients

One of the biggest problems with making sushi at home is finding the sushi ingredients that you want. People who live in larger cities will not have this problem as much as people who don't live in large cities. So, where do you look for these sushi ingredients regardless of where you are?

Where to Find Sushi Ingredients

As with almost eveything else, the first place you can look is online. There are several websites dedicated to providing fresh, quality seafood to people all over the world.  One website that sells sushi ingredients is Catalina Offshore Products.  Our Store also has a large selection of sushi making ingredients and sushi supplies that you can order and have shipped to you.  There are also other options closer to home that are worth exploring as well though.

Catalina Offshore Products

Online Sushi Ingredients

By far, the best place to get sushi grade fish products online is Catalina Offshore Products. They are what many people rely on for their sushi making. They have high quality, sushi grade fish and other seafood available, as well as many other sushi making essentials. They also have a nice selection of Sushi Making Kits, as well as their selection of fresh fish and other seafood. Your order is shipped to you overnight in an ice chest. Shipping can be a bit pricey, so the more you order, the more cost effective it is.  You can also check out our Store for a great selection of other sushi supplies.  You can even buy sushi rice, nori and soy wrappers from our Store as well.

Catalina Offshore Products

Asian Markets

The best place to look for your sushi making ingredients is your nearest Asian Market, if one is near you. These markets sometimes have everything that you will need to make sushi at home, including the fish and other ingredients. If they do not have the sushi grade fish, they usually have all of the other sushi ingredients that you will need, such as nori, sushi rice, rice vinegar, utensils, spices, flying fish roe, wasabi tobiko, wasabi paste, chopsticks, etc. Sometimes, these markets aren't well known and are hard to find, but there are a lot more of them than you think.

Ethnic Aisles at Supermarkets

Depending on what supermarkets are available near you, you may be able to find at least some of your sushi ingredients there. Many supermarkets are beginning to stock many of the essential sushi making ingredients you will need to make sushi. Many supermarkets now have an ethnic aisle that you can browse and see if they have any sushi making ingredients that you need.