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Sushi Supplies

Making sushi does require a few specialized utensils.  Sushi supplies include everything from sushi rolling mats, to sushi making kits, to sushi plates and sushi knives.  We have a large selection of sushi supplies in our Store available for purchase.  Some of the basic sushi supplies that you will want to have are:

You are always welcome to visit our Store for a great selection of Sushi Making Supplies, Sushi Plates, Sushi Knives, Sushi Making Kits and more.

Sushi supplies are becoming easier to find locally, but many people prefer the selections available online. Sushi making supplies are even becoming available at many of your larger chain stores. Check the ethnic aisle(s) of your local chain department store to see if any of these sushi supplies are there. You can also look at your local asian market if you have one near you. They will more than likely have sushi supplies and some of your basic ingredients there as well.