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Sushi Terminology

Below are some of the common terms used on this website and what theBelow are some of the common terms used on this website and what they mean.

  • Bonito Flakes - smoked and dried pieces of skipjack tuna that are shaved and used in dashi
  • Daikon - a large white radish that is most commonly grated and served as a garnish with sashimi
  • Dashi - a Japanese stock that can be made in several ways, but most commonly using kelp and bonito flakes
  • Edamame - young soybeans (usually served in their pods) that have been steamed and salted
  • Gari - pickled ginger. Most commonly served as a garnish with sushi
  • Hamachi - young yellowtail or amberjack tuna
  • Kombu - dried kelp
  • Mirin - a sweet rice wine used for cooking
  • Miso - a paste made from fermented rice, barley or soybeans
  • Nori - edible seaweed generally used as a wrapper for sushi
  • Roe - fish eggs. The most common ones are flying fish, smelt, salmon, herring, capelin and uni.
  • Wasabi - a green very spicy form of horseradish is the most common form that is referred to as wasabi. Wasabi roots are extremely perishable and extremely expensive, so a horseradish paste is commonly used instead.